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Coaching, online training, interactive workshops, and more; Atlas Real Estate Coaching + Training is the guide you need to better your real estate team and see tangible results within your business.

Let's talk today about what Atlas can do for you, your team, and your real estate business. 

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Are You Missing Something?

You're a smart, capable, successful real estate agent. You're great at selling and your business is thriving. You were drawn to real estate because you have an entrepreneurial spirit and you have the drive to succeed. But when you take a close, critical look at your business, do you feel that you're missing something? Many top real estate agents are fantastic salespeople, but find they are a little lost when it comes to hiring, training, and managing a team. This is where a comprehensive real estate business coach comes in. 

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What Coaching Does For You

Growing your team is often a process of trial and error. Going through the transition on your own often results in less-than-stellar results. In the most serious cases, teams can end up with dysfunctional behaviors that are hard to break; and in the worst case, team leaders might even end up abandoning the idea of growing a team. No surprise that this comes at a significant cost that can often make or break a business. Working with a real estate business coach ensures that the entire process from front to back is completed correctly. It provides guidance, insight, and confidence. When you work with a professional coach who has a proven process when it comes to helping agents grow their business, you know what the outcome will be, and it looks good. 

Bridging the Gap and Moving Forward

At Atlas Real Estate Coaching + Training, we like to consider ourselves a guiding resource and a bridge between teams and team leaders. Our passion is to build relationships with our clients and provide the tools that agents need to grow their business and work with a team. By identifying pain points, we help teams strategize solutions, create better business systems, and communicate effectively. These foundations are the cornerstone of building a business with a team and our proven results show that by empathizing with clients we can inspire others to innovate, grow, and develop their business.


From Our Clients

We pride ourselves on developing lasting relationships with clients and inspiring others to communicate and grow. Discover what our client are saying about us.

Kathleen Metcalf is invaluable when having an assistant. I call her the HR Department - making sure I am in line with my employee - both good and bad. The monthly coaching was invaluable for the assistant to stay focused and for me to make sure I was allowing her to do her job. I would recommend everyone with an employee have this coaching and training.

Coaching gave me confidence, clarity, and calm. By the time I finished coaching with Kathleen, I felt ready to fly. Even though I hadn't yet mastered every aspect of my job, I knew how to approach new challenges with ease and purpose.

One-on-one coaching with Kathleen gave me the ability to get an outsider's perspective and advice. It also helped me sleep better at night, knowing I was doing things right. If you're on the fence about doing one-on-one coaching, I would say, just do it! It's like getting insurance.